Following your authentic path

Where unicorns exist & dreams come true

This is an online course for simple, connected and authentic living. 8 modules that will journey through your 8 energetic zones, your chakras, in the body linking them to and elemental connection coming back to a more visceral connection, to the planet you live on. This is journey from the roots up it is journey through the different energies, elements and soul-scapes that this universe offers you on a daily basis. 

It is a journey from within to be able to shine brighter without. We will journey through 8 modules from the Root Chakra, the earth, Pancha Mama. Travelling through the body, the chakras, the elements, through the different landscapes Mother Earth offers you.  To go deeper and listen from your roots, to open the doors of your heart, and see with love and compassion. This is an opportunity to fly without wings, and live and live deeply on this beautiful earth, deeply, simply, connected, authentically

If you have arrived here the path is opening infant of you towards authentic free simple living….

earth school an online coaching programme for connected living