Face Yoga – Holistic Healing


Face Yoga for Natural Healing

A simple but rich programme to learn the basics about this natural technique that is taking the networks by storm. face Yoga is definitely the latest trend in natural methods to maintain a youthful look and reduce the signs of ageing. But believe me, it is so much more than that! This is a fabulous opportunity to (re) connect to yourself and take some valuable time out of your very busy day to heal, hold and nurture yourself.

In this programme you will learn the different techniques for holistic home health. From a morning revitalising practice, to an evening relaxation practice, from acupressure points & lymphatic drainage to hormonal rebalancing. And a few bonus meditations in the mix.

Should you wish to join Charlotte on her monthly 10 day cycles for a live connection in a very beautiful community please click here to discover the dates and subscribe.

Welcome to your Face Yoga Journey

This a wonderful, rich but practical course to learn, practice & integrate these natural techniques for facial rejuvenation

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