Yoga Practice – Authentic Acts, Inner Mastery

In this lesson you can discover three parts to the practice – a meditation, a yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) as sometimes that is the best way to welcome the emptiness and start afresh and a yoga practice for inner mastery.

Your Meditation Practice – This meditation journey will carry you towards the power of the jewelled castle within. Transforming, Creating, Destroying

Your Yoga Practice – for inner mastery and authentic power. Musical suggestion : Peia, Four Great Winds

This Yoga Nidra is called Yoga Nidra for trauma and even if you don’t feel you are facing currently any trauma in your body we stock all sorts of emotional baggage in our cells that often translate themselves as mini traumas or pain. Sometimes the best way to transform these is to let go and relax into them…. here is the audio relaxation Yoga Nidra your job is to lie down, relax and receive

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