Wild Wolf Wisdom Introduction

Wild Wolf Wisdom – from Ancient Whispers to Modern Times

Holistic Wisdom & Alignment for the Wild Whispers in us all

This is journey to the land of your wisdom keepers, a journey towards spiritual and physical alignment to keep the magic alive & the body vibrant. Listening to the wisdom keepers whispers & the wise words of the ancient wolf that speaks to you as you walk in the woods or journey (even if in your mind or dreams) to distant lands.

Spiritual & physical alignment for women of all ages – to keep the ancestral wisdom alive & the magic within. Let our ancestors speak volumes to our soul. This is a journey to nourishing the sacred feminine through intention & tuning in, through observation & movement, through presence & wisdom.

What to expect from this course?

This is a journey of 5 parts to align with your inner wild voice, that of your ancestors & the ancient teachings of the land. It is a journey of resilience & the pillars of strength, wisdom & knowledge that will take you back to you. 

You can expect to gain

Greater Clarity & Serenity for your personal alignment

Clearer vision for the direction to take moving forwards

Tools to truly help you deal with challenge, grief, trauma

A deeper connected to the wild aspect of your spirit & soul

5 Modules – Yoga – Meditation – Pathways of Reflection

Anchor – Accept – Align – Abundance – Arise

What to you get with the programme?

  • 54 lessons
  • 5 Yoga Practices & 6 guided meditations
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • BUY ONE GET ONE FREE – this March sign up and invite a friend for free!

Enjoy this free meditation below to dive into the Wild Wolf energy

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