Earth schooling – simple & authentic living Introduction

Introduction to earth school for simple authentic visceral living… A journey through the chakras, the elemental connections and the energies of life. Join the tribe! Online Coaching towards deeper connections and a harmonious life. Join anytime & get lifetime access Where unicorns exist and dreams come true. Welcome to the earth school – an online […]

Women’s Wellness Introduction

Women’s Holistic Wellness This is a beautiful journey to cultivate inner and outer harmony. As women not only we are pushed and pulled around by society, by expectations and by life phases, our bodies also register everything. Our minds receive so much data, our hearts try to deal with and juggle so many priorities. There […]

Face Yoga – Holistic Healing Introduction

Face Yoga – Holistic Healing Simple, Accessible, Pratical Magical A simple but rich programme to learn the basics about this natural technique that is taking the networks by storm. face Yoga is definitely the latest trend in natural methods to maintain a youthful look and reduce the signs of ageing. But believe me, it is […]

Wild Wolf Wisdom Introduction

Wild Wolf Wisdom – from Ancient Whispers to Modern Times Holistic Wisdom & Alignment for the Wild Whispers in us all This is journey to the land of your wisdom keepers, a journey towards spiritual and physical alignment to keep the magic alive & the body vibrant. Listening to the wisdom keepers whispers & the […]